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Peak-Season Calendar


Week Check-On Dates Friday 2:00 pm @ Stateline Buoy 141
No. 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
May-23 May-22 May-21 May-27 May-25 May-24 May-23
22 Jun-01 May-30 May-29 May-28 Jun-03 Jun-01 May-31 May-30
23 Jun-08 Jun-06 Jun-05 Jun-04 Jun-10 Jun-08 Jun-07 Jun-06
24 Jun-15 Jun-13 Jun-12 Jun-11 Jun-17 Jun-15 Jun-14 Jun-13
25 Jun-22 Jun-20 Jun-19 Jun-18 Jun-24 Jun-22 Jun-21 Jun-20
26 Jun-29 Jun-27 Jun-26 Jun-25 Jul-01 Jun-29 Jun-28 Jun-27
27 Jul-06 Jul-04 Jul-03 Jul-02 Jul-08 Jul-06 Jul-05 Jul-04
28 Jul-13 Jul-11 Jul-10 Jul-09 Jul-15 Jul-13 Jul-12 Jul-11
29 Jul-20 Jul-18 Jul-17 Jul-16 Jul-22 Jul-20 Jul-19 Jul-18
30 Jul-27 Jul-25 Jul-24 Jul-23 Jul-29 Jul-27 Jul-26 Jul-25
31 Aug-03 Aug-01 Jul-31 Jul-30 Aug-05 Aug-03 Aug-02 Aug-01
32 Aug-10 Aug-08 Aug-07 Aug-06 Aug-12 Aug-10 Aug-09 Aug-08
33 Aug-17 Aug-15 Aug-14 Aug-13 Aug-19 Aug-17 Aug-16 Aug-15
34 Aug-24 Aug-22 Aug-21 Aug-20 Aug-26 Aug-24 Aug-23 Aug-22
35 Aug-31 Aug-29 Aug-28 Aug-27 Sep-02 Aug-31 Aug-30 Aug-29
36 Sep-07 Sep-05 Sep-04 Sep-03 Sep-09 Sep-07 Sep-06 Sep-05
37 Sep-14 Sep-12 Sep-11 Sep-10 Sep-16 Sep-14 Sep-13 Sep-12
38 Sep-21 Sep-19 Sep-18 Sep-17 Sep-23 Sep-21 Sep-20 Sep-19

Week No. is number of Fridays since January 1 of each year

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